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Artist Series 123cm
49 upright MHA 123 (1).jpg

The Artist Series is designed for discerning buyers who require high performance at a more affordable price. Enjoy many of the same features as the Made in USA Mason & Hamlin pianos. The 123cm upright is perfect for home or practice studios.


Height: 123cm

Width (at keyboard): 150cm

Rims: Beech

Plate: Sand Cast Iron

Pinblock: 17 ply Maple

Soundboard: Quarter-Sawn Solid Spruce

Ribs: Solid Spruce, Pre-Crowned & Hand-Fitted

Treble Bridge: Quarter-Sawn Solid Beech

Bass Bridge: Quarter-Sawn Solid Beech

Action: Wessell, Nickel & Gross Composite Action

Keyset: Solid Spruce with WNG keypins & capstans

Warranty: 10-Year limited warranty on action and case parts

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