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Model A

Mason Hamlin Model A

A piano with greater depth of sound, the Model A is widely considered to be the best grand piano under six feet in the world. Ideal for professional studios, conservatories and other institutions, yet suitable for the home.



Model A


Length: 5 ft. 8 1/2 in. (174 cm)

Width: 56.12 in. (142.5 cm) (measured at keyboard of piano)

Rim: Hard Rock Maple

Rim thickness: Inner 2.125 in. (54 mm) Outer 1.031 in. (26.2 mm) Total 3.156 in. (80.2 mm)

Plate: Sand Case Grey Iron Full Perimeter

Soundboard: White Spruce Perimeter Taper Customized for each model.

Soundboard size: 1984.5 sq. in.

Standard finishes: ebony satin and polish (as shown)

Special finishes: mahogany, walnut, rosewood in satin;
bubinga, macassar ebony, pyramid mahogany in polish



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