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Model 50

Mason Hamlin Model 50 Vertical

The Model 50 brings the Mason & Hamlin sound and performance to apartments, studios, and university practice rooms. The responsive touch and full sound are both satisfying and inspiring.

Designed to satisfy the most advanced artists, the Model 50 features considerably longer keys to other uprights to more closely replicate a grand piano touch. Furthermore, the key lid recesseses at a clever deep angle that ensure it doesn't get in the way of your hands. The grand piano style music desk also keeps your scores at a better height and out of the way of hands. The model 50 has it's own version of the crown retention system and WNG composite action. 

With only between 40 and 50 model 50's produced annually, it is one of the rarest as well as finest upright pianos you will ever experience.


Model 50

Height: 50 in. (127 cm)

Width: 57 in. (145 cm)

Rim: Hard Rock Maple (All Back Parts)

Rim thickness: 3.5 in (88 mm)

Plate: Sand Cast Grey Iron Full Perimeter

Soundboard: Eastern White Spruce Customized for each model

Soundboard size: 2103.75 sq. in.

Standard finishes: ebony satin and polish

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