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In 2020 Mason & Hamlin launch two new ranges of pianos to ensure there is an instrument to suit any budget, room or setting.


The flagship range features the Made in USA Mason & Hamlin VX series of piano with five sizes of grand piano and the remarkable Model 50 upright. Hand built with only the finest materials and a level of performance second-to-none. The traditional Mason & Hamlin experience.



The Artist Series draws upon Mason & Hamlin’s over 160 years of experience to create a truly remarkable piano. Solid Spruce soundboards provide brilliant and beautiful sound that only improves with age. Strong, resilient Beech rims reflect sound and tonal sustain for the highest calibre of performance, and the same Wessell, Nickel & Gross Composite Action found in Flagship Mason & Hamlin pianos gives pianists the ultimate control. Together, these elements create an instrument that is truly best-in-class in response, control, and sound.


Personal expression through piano opens us up to beauty and imagination, giving the pianist the truest expression of individuality. This is what the Classic Series offers—a creativity that unlocks potential and gives pianists the tools to sharpen, create, and express with unlimited possibility.

Practice. Perfect. Perform.

As the introduction to the Mason & Hamlin family of pianos, the Classic Series puts incredible creative potential into the hands of every artist. Featuring iconic Mason & Hamlin sound paired with a wooden Hornbeam Action, the Classic Series delivers unwavering touch and feel to the pianist between every note —making the Classic Series the perfect instrument for your practice.

The Mason & Hamlin Collection

Mason & Hamlin Collection

Three ranges of pianos to suit every situation.

Flagship Series
Artist Series
Classic Series
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