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A special delivery

Delivery day for a new Mason & Hamlin owner is always an unforgettable event. With no more than 250 people - worldwide - given the opportunity to purchase a Mason & Hamlin each year, a new member of the family is joining a very exclusive club.

We always like to be on hand to share a glass of bubbles and ensure the occasion goes without a hitch.

Every now and then, a particularly special arrival comes along. March saw one of these occasions when a stunning new model A was delivered to a Brisbane family. It had been a wait of nearly seven months for our clients, who had selected one of Mason & Hamlin's exquisite timber finishes. All timber pianos are custom built to order and what makes this piano particularly special in our Australian family is that it is the first in this country finished in Rosewood.

See for yourself from the attached pictures what a magical creation this instrument is.

Mason & Hamlin offer all models finished in African bubinga, mahogany, pyramid mahogany, Brazilian rosewood, macassar ebony and walnut. In addition, the hybrid finish Cambridge collection pianos to mark the companies one hundred and sixtieth birthday offer another alternative for something to stand out in your home. Visit a Mason & Hamlin dealer to begin your discussion of a custom ordered timber piano.

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