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Supporting Australia's Tuners

The view from the Stamford Grand hotel

A top quality, hand built Mason & Hamlin will only retain its beautiful sound and silky touch if maintained by a qualified and sympathetic technician. That's why we are so fussy in our selection of technicians to support Mason & Hamlin customers.

It is also why we are passionate about supporting the professional development of Australia's tuners and technicians and are proud to again be a major sponsor of the bi-annual Tuners Convention, being held this month at the Stamford Grand hotel at Glenelg beach in Adelaide.

Mark Burgett from Mason & Hamlin and Wessell, Nickel and Gross will attend the convention from the US to lead a lecture on the benefits of our unique composite action.

If you are in Adelaide on October 18 or 19, our trade display is open to the public for the first time. Come down and try our stunning AA model from Mason & Hamlin's Cambridge Collection.

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