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ANAM Launches new CC Concert Grand

The Australian National Academy of Music in Melbourne is Australia's most elite music training school. A performance training institution, often refereed to as the Australian Institute of Sport for musicians, these talented young students achieve highly sought-after positions to improve their performance skills.

Musicians of this calibre need the finest instruments and it is thrilling to have a new Mason & Hamlin CC concert grand feature on stage. Head of Piano, Timothy Young, visited the Mason & Hamlin factory in Massachusetts last year to select the instrument which you can read more about on ANAM's blog here.

On Thursday March 8, the piano received its first public outing in a gala celebration recital featuring Mr Young and all current piano students of the academy. The program included works by Gluck, Liszt, Chopin, Gershwin and Franck in a program designed to show off the diverse capabilities of this spectacular piano.

We look forward to many long years of happy music making for the visiting artists and resident staff and students of the academy. Congratulations!

ANAM Head of Piano Timothy Young begins the launch recital on Thursday March 9.

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